For over 45 years, Steve has given us laughter, joy, excitement, support, encouragement and a lifetime of memories with his indescribable, uncontainable love of music.  In all things, Steve gave us the gift of love through music. Steve has been married to his wife, Hope, for nearly 24 years. Steve has a son, Britt, and three children together with Hope; Stephanie, Andrew and Rachel. 

Now has come the time for us to give back to Steve, in his time of need. Steve was diagnosed some time ago with Vascular Dementia. The disease is progressive and incurable. At this point, Steve has some good days and quite a few that are not-so-good. To complicate matters, he is in significant pain due to substantial hip socket deterioration. Surgical repair of the hip is not a good option due to the nature and stage of the Vascular Dementia. 

At the present, Steve requires round-the-clock assistance.  Help is required with things such as eating, showering, dressing and moving about. Conversation can be a real challenge. With the progression of Steve's needs, the time has come to bring in qualified care partners. As many of you know, this is quite expensive. 

Up to this point, Hope, Stephanie, Rachel and Britt have been helping Steve maintain at home and on the radio. Andrew is doing his part while away at school by staying focused on his education. Stephanie is in her senior year of college and Rachel in her junior year of high school.  Hope is working full time as a nurse and administrative manager for SHOBP and part time teaching. Britt is helping Steve maintain the radio show on air. They have all been working together to take care of Steve at home and on air, to keep the children in school and the family afloat financially.  

At this point, Steve and the family need our help.  With two children in college, one in high school with college still to come, mounting medical expenses due to a deteriorating hip, progressive dementia disease and increasing care needs; the financial burden is heavy. Too heavy. 

In honor and love for Steve and in appreciation for the support and sacrifices that his family has given to share him with us for so many years, please donate to help. Your financial contributions will go to help with Steve's medical care and expenses, the educational expenses of the children, and the day-to-day support of the family. For all that he has given to us in priceless memories, now it's our turn to give back.

Link Will Take You To A Go Fund Me Page, Not Associated With Inner Banks Media

Another way to show your support and love for Steve is to join him at the annual

Steve Hardy's Thanks For Listening Party!

This year, the party is on Thursday December 19th at the Greenville Convention Center.  Click HERE for details.

Here is an update regarding how you can pre order “Party For A Lifetime” A Tribute to Steve Hardy:

The cost of the CD is 20.00 + applicable sales tax

If you would like to have your CD mailed to you please add $5.00 for S&H


Pre orders by check: (payable to Steve Hardy Tribute CD)

Mail to:

Britt Hardy
461 Brevard Road
Winterville, NC 28590

If you would like to pay by card and prefer direct communication to ensure safe handling of financial data you can call or text Kim Jones at 252-413-8273 or email us at

***Please make sure we have your correct mailing address if you are sending check by mail or are using paypal***

If you have questions please ask.


You can also reach us by email at As you can imagine we are staying very busy with calls and orders, and will respond as quickly as we can.

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