In The Name Of Science...You Can Get Infected With Coronavirus For $4,500

Aspiring human guinea pigs, coronavirus just might be your Super Bowl.

A British company called Hvivo that studies viruses is one of the many groups working like crazy to find a vaccine or cure for COVID-19, which is caused by the recent coronavirus outbreak.  But they need people with the virus to study.

So . . . they're paying up.  They're looking for volunteers to INTENTIONALLY infect with the virus for $4,550.  Then you'll live in their lab in London for two weeks.  So hey, $4,550 AND two weeks of free rent.

Is it risky to intentionally get a potentially fatal disease?  On some level, yes . . . but you've got two things working in your favor.

One, they'll infect you with a milder strain.  Two, young, healthy people usually handle this virus okay . . . and across all ages, over 96% of people who get coronavirus survive.

(And hey, if you don't volunteer, you might end up catching the virus for FREE anyway.)

The lab is only taking groups of 24 people at a time.  You can check out their website to see when applications go live.

(Daily Star)

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